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History Of Custom Lapel Pins

Custom Lapel Pins History


Custom Lapel Pins were worn during the American Civil War and different battle units were ordered to wear them to distinguish their units from others so they were noticeably distinguishable.

This was a visual clue that would help the army stay organized, look out for their own as well as promote solidarity among their units.

The reason for wearing custom lapel pins changed during World War I and II.   They were given to distinguished individuals to show their exemplary service and honor them in front of their units.

Custom Lapel PinsThese lapel pins were made of colorful ribbons and bars and were very sharp.  They could have been either simple die-cast metal or uniquely full of color.  This use is still in practice today in current military units.

Custom Lapel Pins Today


Today, these pins given during the war times hold great personal value to the families and friends of soldiers awarded these honorary service awards.

Lapel Pins are cherished by generations of their families and hold a historical and great personal value to them, passing them down to younger family members to get them interested in history and family genealogy and are a highly collectible item for collectors and buffs of war history.

Custom Lapel Pins are also used today in college fraternities and sororities to distinguish different groups at their events and meetings.  They are also worn by companies, organizations, government agencies and government services to show individualism.

Rights activists and other groups wear these lapel pins to show their support for their specific causes and to make people aware of their right’s issues as well as to stand out to other members of their groups.

Charity groups also use custom lapel pins as a way of supporting their cause and to get the word out.  They wear them for public recognition and sell them as a way to make money for their perspective charities.  This is very popular in today’s times.

Many people showed their patriotism after 911 and continue to by wearing Flag lapel pins on their lapels, hats and ties.  The government also wear them as a way to communicate, such as the President’s security agents and the US Secret Service.

Today’s companies also use lapel pins as a way to recognize distinguished employees when they achieve an outstanding level of service to the business or achieve top sales quotas, length of tenure and other company related goals.  Companies and businesses are one of the biggest uses in today’s society.

Today’s pins can be worn on the lapel, on a hat, on a tie or on the sleeve.  They are often collected and traded like a person would trade baseball cards, hockey cards, NFL cards or other collectible and trading items.

So there it is!  A little history of custom lapel pins, how they are worn, what they mean and reasons to own them.  If you own some of these babies, consider yourself lucky and be proud to own them.  Hang on to yours and be aware that they are invaluable in some people’s eyes!

Custom Lapel Pins History

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